Psychic Experiences During Childhood (3)

Scientific Research of PSI, Children Remembering Past Lives

Video #3

This video is Part 3 of a 4 part series.1

Part 3: Scientific Research of PSI, Children Remembering Past Lives

Duration: 38min 11sec

00:00 Feedback from the audience, preventing children from being medicated
04:55 Scientific research and facts, teacher-child relationship, creativity
07:05 Are younger children more psychic than older children ? Emotional instability & ESP
11:20 Statistics on written feedback from psychic children, psychic experiences of adults
16:25 Children’s precognitive dreams, belief in reincarnation, past-life memories
20:40 Examples of cases of children recalling past lives
29:55 When children are not allowed to talk about their experiences

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  1. Video originally published on Rhine Research Center website ». Reshared on Perceptive Children Network with express permission from The Rhine Research Center.