Responding to Children’s Psychic Experiences

The Perceptive Children Support Forum, or PCSF for short, is an online resource offering information, validation, and networking opportunities for the perceptive child or teen, their families, and Health Professionals.

Could Your Child Be Psychic?

“My four year old daughter seems to know what I am thinking. When I was in the kitchen washing dishes and wishing to myself that I had a clean towel to dry them with, she went to the linen closet and brought over a fresh towel without being asked.”

“My 8-year old son is able to tell me who will be calling or dropping by before it happens. So far he hasn’t been wrong yet!”

“My teenage daughter has been able to ‘talk’ with my deceased mother for years and now reports having contact with other spirits who are coming to her”.

Message From Athena

Welcome! My name is Athena Drewes.

I created this website to provide support for children’s psychic experiences and abilities.

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