Girl alone outside staring at horizon

Children and teens, just as adults, are able to have all types of psychic or parapsychological abilities: telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, seeing auras, psychic healing, psychokinesis, as well as mediumship.

It is rare for a child to have all these abilities at once. Usually they have one area that shows up stronger, such as dreams that come true (precognitive), or being able to see spirits. As they get older some children will show abilities in more than one area, or will develop stronger abilities in just one area. Often as children enter puberty, and their hormones are creating rapid bodily and emotional changes, psychic experiences and abilities can easily become intensified. New psychic abilities may manifest or existing abilities become stronger. During puberty normal emotions are running high and rapidly shifting from feeling happy one minute to crying for no apparent reason the next. Adding psychic experiences and abilities to the mix can result in lots of confusion and potential turmoil for teens. Those children who are able to sense spirits or are new to the experience, may find themselves a magnet to the energies around them who are attracted to strong emotions and can communicate more clearly during an individual’s altered state of mind.

How and when does seeing spirits start to happen in children? Here is one letter I received,

“My brother is 16 years old and for the past two years or so he has been “seeing” people in the house. He’s not the type of person to make up stories like this. I know he’s not just trying to get attention. At first he saw only shadows, then the shadows became outlines of people, and now he sees features and thinks that they are trying to say something to him. He hasn’t heard anything back yet.”

Children as young as infants can see spirits. Parents have reported to me incidents of their infant, as young as six months laughing, and watching something and following it with their eyes while in their bedroom. However, the parents report that they cannot see any object or person themselves. Here is one example,

“I am a mother of a 3 year old girl who has recently begun seeing an orb of light that she says is a ghost. This “light” is only seen by her and only in one room in our house. As an infant she would smile and coo every time she was in a position to see the upstairs landing in our old house. She would laugh and laugh as she looked up there. Then as she got a little older several times before I put her in her crib she would have to wave and say goodnight to something or someone on the ceiling. She would follow then with her eyes. I would like some guidance or at least a suggestion of where to turn to figure out what we are dealing with here, if anything”.

Or this email:

“I have a three year old daughter that is scaring me to death. We just moved into a new house about three weeks ago. And it is an upstairs and downstairs. Her room is downstairs and she has always been a good sleeper. But ever since about the 3rd day we’ve lived here she has been staying up for hours and hours talking about a man in her room. At first I thought maybe it was something she was just making up, perhaps saw on TV. Then she started speaking of a little boy that was bleeding in his head and she was saying the little boy was angry because he couldn’t find his parents, and he was stuck in the house. When I asked her what happened to him, she said a car hit him. Then a few days later we were talking to our neighbor and he told us there was a 13 year old boy that lived here seven years prior who was killed by a car as he was pulling out of the driveway on his dirtbike. We had no previous knowledge of this and neither did my daughter.”

Here is an email from a teen about his early experiences and imaginary friends that I received:

“My name is Michael and I’m writing you because i have heard of your work with psychic children. I myself have had experiences that I and others may believe to be of a psychic nature since I was a young boy, and have tried desperately over the years to understand and come to terms with these experiences. I was born 3 months premature and am in a wheelchair. As a child I would see things other people didn’t. My mother, like most people I would tell of what I saw, thought I had a vivid overactive imagination. As I got older my mother noticed these imaginary friends matched the description of people who had past (sic) on, such was the case of my father’s ex boss’s wife.

It wasn’t until after I saw her that I learned who she was prior, that she had passed on and was very fond of the house we lived in. I began trying to accept this gift and understand it, however, as I became more and more open I was met by ridicule and looked at as different. I am contacting you in hope of understanding and developing this gift, if I do indeed posses it.”

Children as well as adults can be sensitive to psychic experiences and abilities. I believe we all are psychic and have psychic abilities. But not all of us want to “tune” into this ability, and so do not use it, pay attention to it or develop it. Children before the age of 6 or 7 years of age do not understand that what they are experiencing is unusual or different. They just accept the information as it comes to them until teachers, peers or adults around them react negatively to what they are saying. It is usually when they enter school that they begin to realize that not everyone has the same experiences they have and that some people are afraid of or will tease them about what they tell them.

For children, spirit contact may begin as seeing a mist, or dark shadow, silhouette form. Or it may even manifest as orbs or bubble-like energy lights. Over time or during adolescence, the forms might become clearer, with more detail and color, along with being able to see a person or expression on the face conveying feeling.

Parents should, as with any psychic abilities or experiences their child tells them about, treat the information of spirit contact matter-of-factly. They should not get overly excited or upset with their child. Just listen and hear what your child has to say. To help in understanding your own or your child’s psychic experiences, keep a journal of the experiences. It will help you record the progression of experiences and ways that information comes to you as you look for patterns.