Psychic Protection Children

Having psychic ability or sensitivity can be developed, much like many other abilities.

It is a gift. Some children and even adults may be able to express and be able to develop their own psychic gifts more easily.

However, having such psychic perception does not guarantee the person will have wealth, fame or even a peaceful life. Nor does it imply that the person is at a higher level of spirituality. It is a tool that we can learn to use and apply to help us in life. But having psychic perception does not guarantee balance or spiritual growth.

While being psychic is as natural as breathing, there is a lot of work involved in learning how to be clear and open to receiving psychic information from your guides and angels, or positive spirits. Psychic development is not a linear path. You cannot expect to start at some imaginary first step, follow a list of exercises that ultimately lead you to being psychic! It is way of life that you begin to experience and practice. It is an attitude or approach to life that you take one step at a time, as you learn to calm your inner voice through meditation, and listen to your inner knowledge.

Our beliefs around psychic ability, our desire for drama and excitement and the unique or unusual along with deep-rooted fears of the unknown, have conditioned our culture to expect psychic experiences to be dramatic, and mostly frightening events.

In reality, being psychic is more a way of life, of living tuned into yourself and your environment, a way of moving with the energy around you so you can begin to direct the flow and interpret and understand the information you are receiving.

Being perceptive and intuitive does require that we give care to maintaining balance on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We need tools to learn how to master our abilities and keep balanced from the perceptions willingly and unwillingly picked up.

We are made up of electrical energy and are constantly giving off and receiving electromagnetic energy. We have around us an aura, or energy field, made up of electrical and magnetic energy. Everything in nature has its own energy field and is capable of interacting with ours. In fact all living things including plants, animals, mineral and humans have such a field. Our energy field can easily interact with the energy fields, or auras, of other living and non-living things. We exchange energy as well as receive it.

Children and teens are often bombarded with subtle and not so subtle energy and influences. Sound, light, electrical frequencies, along with energy sources that bring spirit contact are constantly around us. Because perceptive children are often very empathic, their empathy will heighten their aura making it more magnetic. As a result outside forces and energies will be felt more strongly and intensely. The physical feelings and mental and emotional states of others can become so intensely felt that the child or teen may think that they are experiencing their own feelings and states. Children and teens who are empathic may also be shy or introverted, have difficulty separating home and school, be over-emotional or hyper sensitive taking everything on a more personal and serious level than others might. They tend to take on everyone else’s problems, pains, worries, and battles. By the end of the day, perceptive children may feel tired, drained or overloaded from the accumulation of psychic energy they have ‘picked’ up.

Children and teens entering puberty will find their personal vibrational frequencies being subject to wildly erratic fluctuations because of hormonal shifts and imbalance. Some sensitive children and teens find the spirit contact and constant exposure to other energy fields overwhelming at times. Such energy can impact their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. The key to successfully being protected from such energies is in keeping their aura strong. Things that can weaken children’s auras include having a poor diet, not getting enough exercise and fresh air, not having enough rest. Stress and emotional upheavals, along with fear, worry, guilt and blame will also negatively impact on and weaken one’s psychic energy aura.

Think of psychic or spiritual work much like driving a car. You have to be big enough behind the wheel to easily maneuver and manage the car. To get a license, you must understand be willing to follow the rules as well as to sense when another driver might do something unexpected in front of you. Therefore, use of Ouija boards or channeling can bring in lower frequencies energy to a child or teen without having the knowledge and power to deal with it. Therefore, it is important not to communicate with darker energy, as this is not safe. Another good reason for having psychic protection around you.

Having a strong aura emanates to others in this world, as well as the spirit world, that there is confidence, strength and a vibrancy to the individual. A strong aura can reflect back negative energies that might try to intrude.

Spirit phenomena and contact should not automatically be assumed to be valid or a direct contact with a deceased person. There are many energy levels that a child or teen could come into contact with. The lower astral entities can be negative and try to live vicariously through humans who are perceptive in sensing them, but may be poor in health, have experienced a trauma, or are emotionally not balanced. It is rare that children will have contact from these spirits.

Often contact is with earthbound spirits. These are spirits who are around for a period of time after death of the physical body and have not moved on to the spiritual realm. They may have died suddenly by accident, suicide or with no preparation and so they do not realize they are dead. The spirit may remain connected with their old physical patterns and seek out familiar places that they visited while alive trying to do what it did when alive. Sometimes they are able to make physical things moving. A ghost is a visible spirit of a person who has died. Those spirits are still connected with places and people they loved, and even in death, it is common for the spirit to remain or even return briefly to let us know their love continues beyond death.

Consequently children and teens can benefit from protection and balancing of personal energies and putting up barriers to unwanted external energies. Everyone can benefit from psychic protection. But those with psychic abilities and sensitive perceptions need to prevent being drained by the energy influences they come in contact with and those they may not even be aware of. Through simple exercises, children and teens can become stronger and less easily influenced by these energies and feel more in control of their personal energy field. Children are naturally psychically open, sensitive and perceptive. Being able to utilize techniques as tools will help them develop a greater balance and less fear when experiencing psychic phenomena or spirit contact. Therefore, by having better control over their personal environment, children will be able to maintain their own balance and natural rhythm to their life.

Healers and psychics often will surround themselves with white light, putting out healing stones and crystals, using special candles, smudging (use of sage as incense, blowing it on themselves as a way of clearing their aura and environment of excess energy or entities) or saying special prayers as a way of creating a sacred, safe space during meditation and during their spiritual work. Some feel this is necessary, out of fear, to avoid contact with negative spirit influences. Others use these means to help balance their emotional, physical and spiritual self in order to be more productive in the spiritual work they do. As a result, there are many methods of protecting ourselves from outside influences.

If you should sense a negative energy, empower yourself that you can tell it to go away and to the Light. You do not have to feel scared or bothered by the entity. Tell the entity to look for the light beckoning and that the entity will find people who love them there and those who can help him or her. Tell the entity they are dead and do not belong at this level. They have to more on, and they should call to God, their angels and guides to help their soul back where it belongs and to find peace. You can also pray for the entity and that it will find the Light and God and peace.

It is important to take control of mediumship abilities and prevent ghosts and lower entities that are unwanted from invading your space, especially until the child or teen is ready to deal with them. There are several ways you put psychic protection around you. The following exercise takes only a few minutes, and can be done upon awakening before getting up from bed or at any other times during the day.


Sit with your feet on the ground, as though you are rooted into the ground.

Breathe in and out slowly.

As you breathe in slowly, envision you have a bubble circled around you.

Imagine the bubble filled with white light – it is the white Light of God’s love, or Jesus or of the universe (depending on your beliefs).

Slowly breathe in and out, and feel the warmth and safety of this bubble.

As you breathe in, you breathe in the Love of God, Jesus or the Universe.

It protects you.

All that is on the other side of the bubble cannot hurt you.

As you breathe out, you expand your bubble to fill your room.

Breathe in, and out slowly. As you breathe out again the bubble will expand to fill outside your room to fill your home.

Slowly breathe in, and out.

As you breathe out, imagine the bubble expanding further out, until it is eventually out into the universe.

Feel the calmness and safety of this space.

Slowly breathe in and then slowly breathe out.

When you are ready, come back to your room and the present, and open your eyes.

You can use this meditation, or teach it to a child, every day, for just a few minutes to reinforce the shield. You should feel empowered to say in a loud voice to the entity “go away!” “Go to the Light”. While slowly breathing in and out, you can also send that message to the lower level entities or ghosts. It is important to send the message with love, rather than anger or feeling scared. Anger and fear will only attract the negative energies more, as though it is a bright light in the dark. Use of love and not feeling fearful is important is keeping the negative energies away.

Reference: Ted Andrew (2007). Psychic Protection. Balance and Protection for Body, Mind and Spirit, Jackson, TN: Dragonhawk Publishing.