Dr. Athena Drewes
Dr. Athena Drewes

Athena A. Drewes, Psy.D., RPT-S, is a licensed child psychologist, parapsychologist and volunteer consultant to the Rhine Research Center1 and the Parapsychology Foundation2 on children’s psychic experiences.

She is also on the Advisory Board of the Rhine Center. Dr. Drewes has conducted research, written articles and reviews and presented on children’s ESP experiences.

She responds to parent and child inquiries regarding children and ESP that come into the Rhine Research Center and through the A&E Network.

She has been featured on the A&E cable shows “Psychic Children” and “Paranormal State”3.

Dr. Drewes had her own psychic experiences as a child through adulthood. To learn more about Drewes’ personal psychic experiences, visit “Kids Who See Ghosts – Athena Drewes Responds”.

Her involvement in parapsychology began as a research assistant at the Dream Lab (Parapsychology and Psychophysics Research Laboratory) at Maimonides Medical Center4 in Brooklyn, NY assisting with dream telepathy experiments with Dr. Stanley Krippner5 and Charles Honorton6.

Dr. Drewes is currently the Director of Clinical Training at a large non-profit multi-service child and family mental health agency in the Hudson Valley, north of New York City. Dr. Drewes is the senior author, with Dr. Sally A. Drucker, of the reference work, Parapsychological Research with Children: An Annotated Bibliography7.

She is also the co-editor and chapter author of five books on play therapy.

While attending the 2012 Parapsychology Association Conference, Dr. Drewes was interviewed by Skeptiko8, a podcast covering the science of human consciousness.

Click below (automatically starts at the 26 minute: 35 second time-stamp where her interview begins) and listen as Dr. Drewes discusses the importance of striking a balance between her personal experiences and maintaining objectivity when researching the complex science of parapsychology.

Interview duration: 8 min: 45 sec

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